Leslie Baca_Jemez

NMTA Director

Leslie Baca, Jemez Health & Human Services Transportation Program

Representing: Enhanced Mobility for
Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (5310 Programs)
Term Expiration Date: April 2027

Contact Information:
Office Phone: (505) 264-5225
Email: [email protected]

Leslie Baca is of Jemez & Zuni Pueblo descent, born and raised in the Pueblo of Jemez.  She is a wife, a mother to 5 children and grandmother to 2 wonderful grandsons.  Leslie began her career as a volunteer at San Diego Mission School in 1994, when her oldest daughter began attending school there.  She wanted to be close to her daughter and also assist with her education as needed.  Leslie became the school secretary and bookkeeper. She stayed in this position until May of 1997, when the school closed its doors as a catholic/private school.  The school became the first Charter School under the 1997 Charter School Act, and opened the doors to San Diego Riverside Charter School in August of 1997.  As a new public school, it received funding to begin their own transportation program for the school. This was the first time the school ever owned any kind of bus. Leslie took classes to become a school bus driver and in  January of 2000, she received her CDL. She became one of five bus drivers for the school, while also assisting in developing the school transportation plan.  After a couple of years, the school district took over the transportation services, and Leslie became a bus driver for the school district.  She did so for 11 years, after which she left the school and began working for the State of New Mexico Food and Nutrition Services Bureau, which provided commodities to the schools within the State of New Mexico.

In 2014 she left her position with the State of New Mexico and began working for the Pueblo of Jemez as the Administrative Assistant for the Jemez Health & Human Services Transportation Program.  She stayed in this position for 7 years and had to leave due to family circumstances. She left the tribe as well. 

After a year and half at home being a stay at home grandmother and being self-employed making traditional dresses, Leslie applied to be the Program Manager for the Jemez Medical Transportation Program, and got the job.  She has been on the team since January of 2024 and is enjoying her new role, assisting drivers as needed and providing the much needed support they have been waiting for. She enjoys her job and the challenges that come with it.