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Fighting for Equal Access to Public Transit Services

Fighting for Equal Access to Public Transit Services

NMTA is Working For YOU!

The New Mexico Transit Association is working with state lawmakers and agencies to promote sustainable and equitable access to public transit for New Mexicans statewide.

Public transit does not only benefit the urban parts of our state. Instead, it is vital in keeping local economies moving in both rural and urban areas statewide. Public transit enables employees to get to and from their jobs, students to get to their classes, and families to get around their communities.

Read our 2019 legislative plan here to see how the New Mexico Transit Association is working to make the case for a dedicated state fund for improved public transit in New Mexico.

Resources and Information

About: We’re actively taking steps to increase public education on the need for improved public transit, as well as increasing outreach to state lawmakers on the importance of public transit.

About: There are many myths that exist about public transit in New Mexico, from misconceptions about funding to misconceptions about riders and uses of public transit. Our mythbusters sheet sets the record straight and is an important tool in educating your community.

NMTA Public Transit Facts and Figures

About: Take a look at some of the data regarding the importance of public transit—both nationally and in New Mexico.

How You Can Help!

We need your help in ensuring we achieve funding for public transit in New Mexico. To do so, we’re engaging in a public education campaign to reach community members and lawmakers. In our campaign, you are our greatest resource.

You can help. Here's how.

Social Media Toolkit: Our social media page will be home to the rollout of our message. We’d love for you to share our messages, but you can write your own as well. If you want to get involved, here are a few samples of social media posts:

“New Mexicans rely on local transit. Call your member of the NM House or Senate and tell them that #NMTransitMatters.”

“Rural New Mexico deserves 21st century public transit. Tell your State Representatives and Senators today that #NMTransitMatters and needs funding from the state.”

“I rely on access to public transit in New Mexico. This is my #NMTransit story. (share your story of why you use public transit)”

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Stories: Know a passenger, driver, or staff member who has a story to share about why public transit matters to them? Send it to us so we can show the media and lawmakers.